NABBA is the first and the original competitve bodybuilding association. Formed in 1950, NABBA's first Mr Universe contest was won by Steve Reeves, who went on to make over 30 Hercules movies. Top bodybuilders who won the Mr Universe title include Reg Park, Bill Pearl and Arnold Schwarzenegger (four-times winner).

The late Oscar Heidenstam was appointed Secretary in 1956 and continued to drive NABBA forward for more than 30 years. At a meeting in London in 1984, NABBA International was formed and became host to the European & World Championships. This branch of NABBA is now supported by more than fifty countries.

Today, there are ten elected area reps covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and they are members of the NABBA Council. Each area holds a qualifying event, which leads to the Annual Mr & Miss Britain Finals. This in turn becomes a qualifier for the European and Universe Championships. The Universe contest gets stronger every year - at the last Universe, representatives from 36 countries took part and a total of 151 athletes competed.


NABBA Membership Fee
The NABBA Membership Fee of 15 per year was first implemented in January 2000. NABBA Council unanimously agreed at their Council meeting held in Southport on Saturday 22nd February to implement an increase. Therefore the new Membership Fee will be 25 per year with immediate effect as of Monday 24th February 2014.

NABBA World Championships...
...are being held at the Waterfront in Belfast on 7th June. Details can be found on our Competitions and Poster pages, on the NABBA Northern Ireland website and on Facebook.
General information about the City can be viewed here...

New NABBA Female Athletic Category
NABBA Council have introduced a new Female Athletic Category for 2014.
The rules for all three ladies categories can be seen here...

NABBA Universe 25th October 2014
Advance notice: there will be an after-show meal at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Lord Street, Southport, at a cost of £12 per person - more details later.



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