(All Memberships are distributed by NABBA HQ)


Membership is open to all physical culturists over the age of 14, either as an amateur or an associate member. Your Membership will last for 12 months from the point of purchase. Please allow 7 days for your Membership Card and information pack to arrive. Competitors are asked to obtain their Membership/Renewal so that ALL Competition Registration/Entry Forms can be processed well before their Competition date.  (please allow at least 2 weeks before the Competition you are entering.) 


Those under the age of 14 years are only accepted for membership if they are members of an affiliated NABBA Club and join through the secretary of the club or have their parents' permission to become members.


In addition to Membership: All NABBA Competitors will be required to pay a £15 entry fee and also hold a valid yearly membership when entering any NABBA Competition. NOTE: the £15 entry fee will be payable during check in (see also Contest Rules).




(All Certificates are distributed by NABBA HQ)


Suitable for gyms and groupsClubs will be sent an Affiliation Certificate.

Sometimes we promoted special ticket privileges for NABBA Affiliated clubs, and individuals at certain NABBA Area Competitions, including the Britain and Universe.




NABBA Pro Registration Fee is £100

However the Paypal button will take a payment of £106 

(This price includes all fees payable by NABBA to Paypal so actual fee received will be £100 to NABBA International)

(payable when you Register for a Pro Contest before setting foot on stage)


Click onto Paypal button below and use either your bank or credit card to pay

and follow the Paypal screen instructions 

Pro Competitor yearly Registration Fee



HMCA are a company who can provide private medical insurance to our members, which by us advertising them on our Website help NABBA to be seen as an Association and Non profit making Organisation. They have provided this facility for at least 30 years.