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The definition of this category is to show athletic and feminine development. 

Muscle definition, relating to how lean the muscle is, showing an absence of subcutaneous body fat and water showing muscularity, is an important aspect to cover.  We are not looking for excessive vascularity, extreme striations, or the Athletes to look emaciated. 


Definition is encouraged, but the overall look must be one of a healthy, toned, feminine look.  The way that the physique is displayed is extremely important to include the above rather than displaying the Athlete as a mini physique competitor.

Symmetry and balance, showing equal balance in muscular development and muscle definition in both the top and bottom parts of the Athletes physique, is also important.  Stage presence and the overall presentation of the Athletes physique have become extremely important in the toned class, as it will be in the new “Athletic” class.  Confidence, poise, skin tone, suit selection and execution of quarter turns will be taken into account and is often, where the standard is high, a determining factor in many Judges eyes.

Judges are not looking for large deltoid or arm development, sweeping quadriceps or a thick back, but displaying enough muscle to maintain an athletic, healthy and feminine appearance, an Athlete that works out with serious intentions.

In conclusion, this category is the result of many Athletes developing on their bodybuilding journey.  Feminine and an athletic healthy appearance, coupled with stage presence will give an Athlete over one that is purely concerned with their level of definition.

Presentation will consist of the following:

Round 1 Quarter Turns

The general presentation during the quarter turns will consist of competitors presenting themselves with poise, self-confidence and posture.  Although they will be in a semi tense stance the judges are looking for a “total package” and competitors are warned against adopting any stance that tries to emulate too much muscularity. This is followed by any 1 favourite pose at front, left side, back and finally right side.

Round 2 Routine

Routines to be a minimum of 45 seconds, (Area Competitions can go up to 60 seconds max.) However you must check with your area rep who will inform you of the times for that show

45 seconds max is designated time for the Britain Finals and Universe Competitions

  Judges are again reminded that however graceful and exciting an individual presentation may be, the most important aspect is the agreed criteria applied to Figure Judging.  Competitors should construct their routines to reflect this.


Round 3 Comparisons

Competitors will be called back on to stage. Competitor numbers will be called requesting them to come front / centre stage in small groups of 4 - 6, known as the "call-outs".

The judges will request the following poses from the line-up:

1. Front Double Biceps

2. Side Chest (any side)

3. Side Tricep (any side)

4. Rear Double Biceps showing Calf

5. Abs & Thighs

Athletes who are not in the line-up are asked to adopt the "front stance" with no posing.

Pose-down & Awards

All athletes may be asked to perform 30 seconds of free posing - then assemble in a line at back of stage for placement awards. (This may take place after preliminary rounds of another class)

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