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Includes Open, Over 35


Attire: One piece or two-piece bikinis are acceptable. One Colour Preferred. Tan: should be natural and even in appearance and not unnaturally dark. Accessories: such as bracelets necklaces rings are expected to be kept to a minimum. Other accessories such as hats, canes etc. are not permitted.  Shoes: Heeled shoes are recommended but not compulsory.


Round 1 Quarter Turns

The general presentation during the quarter turns will consist of competitors presenting themselves with poise, self-confidence and posture. Although they will be in fixed but not flexed stance. The judges are looking for a "total package" and competitors are warned against adopting any stance that tries to emulate too much muscularity.

Round 2 -  I Walk

Competitor’s will perform an I walk individually. Starting point at back of stage plinth facing judges table, head judge will request you to walk forward to stage front, stop front stage then be requested to rotate right, left side pose, to rear pose, right side pose, to front pose, then to face rear of stage and walk back, once a rear of stage turn to front again, head judge will then ask you to return to line up in numerical order, I walk to music of the DJ’s choice.

Round 3 - Comparisons: 

Competitors will be called back on to stage. Competitor numbers will be called requesting them to come front / centre stage in small groups of 4- 6.


Judges will request the following from the line-up.

1. A pose from the front

2. A pose from left side

3. A pose from the back

4. A pose from the right side

5. One or two for your favourite poses


Athletes who are not in the line-up are asked to remain with no posing.

Pose-down & Awards

All athletes may be asked to perform 30 seconds of free posing - then assemble in a line at back of stage for placement awards. (This may take place after preliminary rounds of another class)

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