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Includes Novice & Open


The total package of the “Toned” Miss Figure Class should display an athletic level of development presenting a balanced, symmetrical developed figure, considering the condition of the skin and the skin tone, with the ability to present confidence, poise and grace.

Judging criteria will be for a “Toned” Figure and not “physique” or “trained” Figure category. This means muscularity, vascular, muscular definition and/or diet leanness will not be considered acceptable. 


Competitors will be assessed as to the level of overall tone, achieved through athletic endeavours.  The figure should have a round and firm appearance with small amount of body fat.  Competitors cannot be excessively muscular and should be free from deep muscle separation and /or striations.

The Head Judge will make considerations as to whether or not to remove any competitor that displays a look that is “too hard”.  In this instance, anyone that is considered too hard for the “Toned” Figure, will be given the opportunity to enter the Ladies Miss Athletic category.

Presentation will consist of the following:

Round 1 Quarter Turns

The general presentation during the quarter turns will consist of competitors presenting themselves with poise, self-confidence and posture.  Although they will be in a semi tense stance the judges are looking for a “total package” and competitors are warned against adopting any stance that tries to emulate too much muscularity. This is followed by any 1 favourite pose at front, left side, back and finally right side.

Round 2 Routine

Each competitor will then be required to do an individual posing routine. This is the opportunity to display their figure to the judges without distraction. It is advised that athletes present themselves with confidence and control. Judges are again reminded that however graceful and exciting an individual presentation may be, the most important aspect is the agreed criteria applied to Figure Judging.  Competitors should construct their routines to reflect this.


Routines to be a minimum of 45 seconds, (Area Competitions can go up to 60 seconds max.) However you must check with your area rep who will inform you of the times for that show

45 seconds max is designated time for the Britain Finals and Universe Competitions.

Round 3 Comparisons

Competitors will be called back on to stage. Competitor numbers will be called requesting them to come front / centre stage in small groups of 4 - 6, known as the "call-outs".


The judges will request the following poses from the line-up.

1. Pose from the front with your hands above your head.

2. A pose from your left side.

3. Pose from the back with your hands above your head.

4. A pose from your right side.

5. One or two of your favourite poses

Athletes who are not in the line-up are asked to adopt the "front stance" with no posing.

Pose-down & Awards

All athletes may be asked to perform 30 seconds of free posing - then assemble in a line at back of stage for placement awards. (This may take place after preliminary rounds of another class)


Novices athletes must not have placed in the top 3 when competing previously at any other novice contest or have won ANY OPEN contest.


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