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NABBA HQ P.O. Box 1186 Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 2GL
Telephone: (44) 01384 898578
EMail:  website:


The National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association is a non profit making concern and all monies received are used solely for the purposes of the Association. The management of the Association is in the hands of a small Executive Committee, easily available for regular consultation on urgent day to day matters. 

Election of Chairman & Vice Chairman for next 2 years took place  at the NABBA Committee Meeting held at The Great Victoria Hotel Bradford in the Dragon Suite on 2nd June 2023  the Committee elected - Chairman Jim Charles & Vice Chairman Paul Jeffreys.

There is an area representative for each of the major areas, who works in close liaison with the Secretary. They are informed regularly about all NABBA matters. They are also responsible for organising shows and appointing judges for NABBA shows in their areas. The name and address of the NABBA representative in your area can be had from the Secretary email


1. To unite in one powerful Association all those interested in fitness and body-building as a recreation, as an aid to health and fitness and the perfection of the physique, and for the improvement of personal performance in all forms of sport.

2. To promote in the U.K. and Northern Ireland, National, Area and Club physique contests.

3. To promote International physique contests; send leading competitors abroad and to bring leading fitness and body-building competitors  to this country for shows and demonstrations.

4. To maintain a central office of information on fitness and body-building, and club addresses for free use of members.

5. To standardise and control the judging of all physique contests and to appoint a board of qualified judges.

6. To encourage all competitors to use their physical advantage to some form of sporting activity.

7. To co-operate with recognised sports Associations at home and overseas in the furtherance of their aims and objectives.

To use all means available to make known the benefits of fitness and body-building to a wider public.


Council Meetings

In order to cut down the cost of expensive and often unnecessary meetings by bringing area representatives to Birmingham or midway point or via on line Zoom Meetings .  The Secretary is in touch with them on a regular basis when the need arises and they often meet at various shows up and down the country, also at the Britain and Universe finals.

Free Advice Service
NABBA members can seek training advice via their local Area Representative.  No medical queries can be answered.

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