Results for NABBA UK 20th October 2013

First Timers
1st Jason Blore
2nd Nick Haymore
3rd Remone Ivothan
4th Adam Smith
5th Zigmunas Zemitis
6th David Elliot
7th Chad Smith

Under 18's

1st George Armstrong
2nd Luke Howard
3rd Issac Glave
4th Ashley Williams

1st Drew Walker
2nd Gary Elliott
3rd Zak Pollard
4th Joe Chell
5th Nick Davis


1st Matt Archer
2nd Daniel McKenna
3rd Jack Brooker
4th Austin Williams
5th Carl Ellis
6th Thomas McKenon
7th Karl Walker
8th David Kershaw
Only judged to 8 places
other competitors
James Connell
Richard Carter
Jonathon Casey
Carl Hart
Ben Trencher

Over 40's

1st Justin Trollop
2nd Carl Rushton
3rd Shaun Elliot
4th Ezekiel Gale
5th Ian Robertson
6th John Cookson
7th Nigel Thompson
8th Jeff Lathwaite
9th Heath Robert
10th Derek Morton

Over 50's

1st Paul Rowe
2nd Martin Holroyd
3rd Herbie Chiang
4th Amoy Lawley
5th Michael Wright
6th Stewart Helme

Trained Figure

1st Linda Cassidy
2nd Kelly Freeman
3rd Stacey Young Ross
4th Lesley McCall
5th Cathy Hamshires
6th Susan Balff
7th Josie Keck
8th Andrea Moore
9th Kate Halls

only judged to 9 places
other competitors:
Linda Taylor
Michelle Henshaw

Toned Figure
1st Kelsey Yung
2nd Charlotte MacGill
3rd Kay Goodwin
4th Samantha Lawson
5th Leah Caddick
6th Jessica Hart
7th Emma Hyndman
8th Rebecca Rowley
9th Alexandra Borososova

only judged to 9 places
other competitors:
Rebecca Salter
Nikki Caulwell
Sarah Hanlon
Nathalie Stuart
Anita Wright
Tracey Harrison
Chiara Gribble

Class 4
1st Kevin Taylor
2nd Matthew Seddon
3rd Damien McBride
4th Adrian Birchall
5th James Salmond
6th Michael Pentergast
7th Jonathan Shaw

Class 3

1st Barney Du Plessis
2nd James Flemming
3rd Edward Selsby
4th Ben Preston
5th Craig Smith
6th Gintas Dauksa

Class 2

1st Omar Butt
2nd Mantas Erminas
3rd Luke Nichols
4th Darren Smith
5th Daniel Smith
6th Gareth Marles

only judged to 6 places
other competitors:
Robert Phil
Ryan Backhouse
Mick Cassey
Martin Williams
Ghsan Pakshir

Class 1
1st Dave Young
2nd Lukasz Prud
3rd Charlie Maroon
4th Paul Ayres

Overall United Kingdom
Barney Du Plessis

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